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At Go Surf Lisboa, we can provide you with your first surf lesson or we can help you improve your technique to take you to the next level.
We have a simple, fun and safe method / approach. 

Welcome to our Surf paradise!

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What our guests say

Loved it!

So awesome, highly recommend!! They made hard concepts so easy to understand! so welcoming and friendly!

656kylas via TripAdvisor

Anyone second guessing, pls book this school, these guys are amazing. I had an Excellent time and an experience with the school, had Jorge as an instructor who was very helpful, friendly and easy going. The water was perfect and had good waves. I will definitely go back to surf with these guys

Hassan via TripAdvisor
Take classes here if you're serious about improving your surfing

I came to gosurf lisboa at an intermediate level. I previously had classes at five other schools/instructors at various beaches around the world, but the teaching from the go surf team was hands down the best experience. I really was able to progress so much every single lesson.

Philippe, Antonio and Manu want you to learn and are personally invested in your progress. They can pinpoint exactly what you should do to improve by looking and asking questions. I liked that they teach in an unopinionated way, where you can progress your style of surfing, instead of forcing a particular style.

There's a really nice atmosphere in the classes and each class is great value for money. You can notice by the fact that there are many people that continue to take classes with go surf for weeks/months

These are people that are amazingly passioned about surfing, and their classes are an absolute steal compared to other surf schools.

Jorg via TripAdvisor
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