Can i cancel my booking?

Yes you can. Just send us an email with 48h notice prior to your surf lesson, saying that you can’t make it, and we will refund you.

The refund will include the payment fees.

Cancellation less than 24h noticed won't be refunded.

What if I give a notice after 48h prior to the Surf lesson, saying I want to cancel?

For cancellation with less than 24H noticied won't be refunded (you will lose 100% of the payment)

I just did a booking for a group (more than 3 persons) but one of my friends can´t make it. Will i lose his deposit?

You will not lose his deposit if you tell us with 48h notice prior to the surf lesson.

I booked my surfing course for 3 days, but I got really tired after 2 days. Can I take a 1 day break, or even cancel the last day?

Yes, we are flexible and we can adjust to your needs. If you feel that you are too tired, and won’t take full advantage of the surf course, you can cancel the rest (notifying 24h in advance), and you will only pay what you did.

Same thing for the breaks in between, you don’t need to do the surf course in a row, you can split the surfing days, how you desire, and according to your availability.

Pick up

What if I just want to do a Half Day Surfing (1 lesson)?

We will have a car going to Lisbon at lunch time, either to drop you off after your Surf lesson, or to pick you up for the afternoon Surf lesson.

Can I do a Half Day (1 lesson) and spend the rest of the day in the sun, enjoying the beach?

Yes you can, the beach is beautiful!

But if this is the case, we can't promise you that we will have room in the car for you later. You might come back wtih your own trasport (Taxi/Uber/Bolt works really well and it's pretty cheaper as well).

Anyway you can always ask us at the end of the day, if we would have room in the car we will bring you back 

Where is the pick up?

We have a central meeting in front of Titanic Sur Mer Café: https://goo.gl/maps/QmqQwCrbTQFGVtha8
The pick up spot is next to ferry boat harbor, in Cais do Sodré area

What time is the pick up?

Usually, at 10h00am, and another at 2h00pm

The time of the pick up can vary depending on the weather conditions (tides, swells and winds)

What if I am late?

We have a 10 minutes tolerance, but if you send us an email, sms or a whatsapp, explaining what’s happening, we will wait for you.

What if you are late?

We can get stuck in traffic sometimes, and if that happens, we will send you an email, or a whatsapp, (if we have your number), letting you know. There are other Surf schools doing the pick up at that spot, so make sure you get in the right van. Confirm your name with the Surf instructor, and the name of the school.


Can i bring my own lunch?

Yes you can, there are trash cans at the beach, and you are welcome to bring your own lunch. Just remember to leave the beach as you found it.

Can I have lunch at the beach?

Yes, we will have access to bares or restaurants in most spots we go, with affordable prices, from snacks (hamburgers, sandwiches) to proper meals (grilled fish). Let us know if you want to organize a group lunch, or if you want a different diet (vegan, vegetarian) and we will contact the local beach bar and will organize everything before your arrival.

Facilities at the beach

Is there access to toilets?

Yes, in most beaches, we have toilets available.

Is there access to a Bar/Restaurant?

Yes, in most beaches we have access to bars and/or Restaurants where you can have a snack or even a proper meal, with an ocean view.

Where can I leave my belongings?

In our main beach in Caparica, we have a safe place to leave our belongings, in the surf shack.

In other beaches we will leave everything in the locked Surf Van

What if my stuff gets stolen during the surf lesson?

So far we haven’t had any situations like this, but if it happens, we can’t be accounted responsible. You are responsible for your belongings in case of loss or theft.

Do you have lockers?

No we do not have lockers at the beach.

What do I need to Surf?

What should I bring to the beach?

You should bring sunscreen (high factor, in Winter and Summer), towel and bathing suit (bikini, shorts, speedos, etc) to use under the wetsuit we provide. Don't forget ot bring your water too.

Do I need to know how to swim, if I want to learn Surfing?

No, you don’t need to know how to swim, to learn the basics of a beginner’s lesson.

We start the program with very easy conditions, and you can put your feet on the floor the whole time, having the water up to your waist only.

Can I bring my phone to the beach to take pictures?

Yes you can, but remember that we are not responsible for any loss or theft.

If you want, we can take pictures with our go pros or cameras and send them to you after. Just let us know, and we will come prepared.

Can I take my own go pro?

Yes, but it will not be an easy task to Surf and still take pictures or videos, as you will need to be focused and to use all of your body. You can’t use the go pro with the chest mount, or with the wrist mount. Only with the head mount.

The Surf instructor can use your go pro to take pics and videos of you Surfing.


Find the right beach, on the right day for those conditions and you will have 
magic moments that can not be reproduced anywhere else.

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