Pack 4 lessons

This is for You, because you have allowed yourself to fall in love with this city full of sun and waves! If you don't want to miss out on this great lifestyle and learn one of the coolest sports (you might think the gym is way too boring) we've got you!

How does it work?

For the locals living in Lisbon and want to improve by setting long-term goals, we have regular beginner and intermediate lessons. We send out our weekly schedule by email and you just have to reply to that email, letting us know your preferred scheduled lessons.

Send us an email, and we can arrange your next session as a local.

What’s included?

Wetsuit, Surfboard, 2h long lessons and sport insurance. Transport if needed.

What do you need to bring?

Swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and water

How do i get there?

We will meet you in Lisbon in front of Titanic Sur Mer Café (street side).
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Or, we can meet you directly at the beach, in Praia do Castelo (Costa da Caparica) right next to Irmão Restaurant
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108 / person

Choose your lesson

What's your level?

Do you need transport



Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
What’s right for you?

Beginner Mastering the basic techniques of standing up, walking and turning, on the whitewaters

Intermediate Learning how to catch and ride the green waves (positioning, timing, and turns)

Advanced Perfecting the turns on the open face (trimming, cutback, bottom and top turn, etc..)

Course program
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