Frequently asked questions

Pick up / Drop Off

Where is the pick up / drop off? +
What time is the pick up? +
What time is the drop off? +
What if I am late to the pick up spot? +
What if you are late? +
Can i be dropped off in Lisbon later, if I stay at the beach after surfing? +
Can my friend / partner / family come along and watch? +
Can you pick up at my accommodation? +

Surf Lesson

I booked my surfing course for 3/5 days, but I got really tired after 2 days. Can I take a 1 day break, or even cancel the last day? +
Do I need to know how to swim if I want to learn Surfing? +
What if I’m running late and when I arrive at the beach the lesson has already started? +
I want to offer a surf lesson, do you provide a voucher? +
If i feel that the waves are not for my level when I see the conditions at the beach? +

(Facilities) At the beach

Can I have lunch at the beach? +
Is there access to toilets and shower? +
Where can I leave my belongings? +
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