The school

We believe that when we learn something new, no matter what it is, you first need to start with the easier movements/exercises, and slowly progress to more complex movements. The basics and fundamentals have to be acquired by the muscle memory, so that we can build more advanced techniques  on top of that.

Repetition is another big factor in learning a new skill. That's why the exercises we do on the sand, before we get in the water, are so important to success.

These values are the pillars of the teachings of Go Surf Lisboa, and they are passed on to every instructor that we have on our team. The Instructors are formed and trained to ensure the quality of the lessons are always to our standards: the best teaching, with the best technique and exercises to help the students reach their full potential.

The team


My name is Filipe Porfirio, and I am the founder of Go Surf Lisboa.
Born and raised in Lisbon, in 1979, I started Surfing on my own in 1989, before there were any surf schools.
I learned surfing the hard way, on my own, by trial and error. It was a big challenge, but it was the biggest adventure of my life.
It made me smile, gave me a lot of adrenaline rushes, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and forced me to confront my fears and internal monsters. It also made me cry, doubt myself, and feel discouraged. It’s not an easy path, but its so rewarding physically and mentally.
Surfing is my school of life, its my passion and I love it more than ever.

I started teaching Surfing in 2001, when I was 22 years old, already with a level 1 Surfing Instructor course. In 2008 I finish my University degree in Sports and I would then take on the Level 2 Surf instructor course.

I started Go Surf Lisboa in 2013, after gaining a lot of experience working as a surf instructor for 12 years for other surf schools around Portugal.


My name is Manu, I was born in Italy and I have been living in Portugal for the past 12 years.
I had my very first surf experience in 2007 and completely fell in love with it.
I decided to live close to the Ocean to be able to surf whenever I wanted. I’m a level 1 certified surf instructor since 2019 and I've been teaching since then.

Now my main focus is to help you through the process of booking, giving you the best solution for your personal surf experience.


Hello everybody, my name is Jorge and I was born and raised in the beach of Caparica, and I started surfing when I was 8yo with my Dad. Over the years my passion for surfing has grown as I spent all of my youth in the beach surfing and working as a lifeguard. Now I’m very happy and grateful that I can share my passion with every single one of you. See you guys in the water, get ready for the adrenaline!


My name is Leo, I started surfing when I was a teenager and since then it’s my biggest passion. My colleagues describe me as a friendly and chill person. As a surf instructor I love meeting new people with different cultural backgrounds and I do my best to put a smile on everybody’s faces while surfing. It’s the greatest feeling to see my students having fun and progressing. Let’s catch some waves together.


Born and raised in a village in front of the sea, the water and the sports realated to it were always my passion. I've been surfing for more than 20 years and i'm a certified surf instructor for more than 12 years. I've been in the best surf spots around the world and i've got a long experience in surf guiding. 


Hey, my name is João! I first started surfing when I was 9yo. For me surfing is a special experience that leaves my soul filled with freedom and sunshine. To be able to teach and introduce surf into people’s life ,with the help of this amazing team, makes me feel whole and full of purpose.


Hi, I’m Raquel, bringing some extra female energy to Go Surf team since 2022! I’m from Brazil and I’m a Yoga teacher. You will find me at the beach, ready to welcome you all at our surf shack. I will help all the students find the right equipment in order to have the best surf experience of your life. Wishing you to have lots of fun and good waves with our family!


I’m Sousa and I’ll probably be the first face you will see from this school because I’ll be your driver. I’ve been part of the team since summer ’22 and that’s what got me into surfing. I like music and I’m a good DJ, so needless to say, when we ride together the AUX is with me, good times guaranteed!

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